4 Bird Keeping Clean Ideas

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We’re going to get started by talking about one of our favorite product lines Lixit. Do you really need a water bottle? Birds being the messy creatures that they are will poop in their water dishes regardless of placement.

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This means the stray food, the poop and other contaminants which carry bacteria get ingested by your bird. One of the easiest ways to overcome these problems is to install a Lixit water bottle in your birdcage. Lixit water bottles enable you to introduce water simply for bathing and avoid having to change your birds drinking water throughout the day in order to keep it clean.

The key to selecting the proper water bottle takes into consideration the size of the bottle, the size of the nozzle and your budget. The nozzle size is the most important consideration because it will ensure that your bird gets enough water but doesn’t waste it.

Lixit water bottles work based upon the “Vacuum-Valve” principle. A metal ball bearing inside the tube is able to hold the water content because a vacuum is formed in the bottle that is sealed by a rubber cork . The metal ball actually has a film of water that sits between the ball and the drinking tube opening. When your birds tongue or beak moves the exposed ball the seal is broken and the vacuum inside the water bottle is released allowing water to flow and hydrate your bird. The water flows as long as the ball is moving keeping the valve open. When your bird stop moving the ball, it settles back in place, the film of water then covers the ball again and the valve closes.

Every time the water’s released a drip of water will come out which creates the new vacuum seal. So that the vacuum forms within the sealed water bottle, the amount of water in a bottle versus the amount of air that is taking up space has to be equalized. So if you see a single drop when you first install the bottle it’s not a sign of a leaking water bottle. You actually want to tap the ball bearing several times with your fingertip after you fill the bottle which releases a small amount of water which speeds up the process of equalizing the vacuum pressure. More Lixit water bottle FAQs can be found at the bottom of this page

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Gillie's Pionus Parrot weird water bottle game
“Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly, And the spiders from Mars. He played it left hand But made it too far” – David Bowie – Click for a trip in the Way Back Machine
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Tidy Seed No-Mess feeders are often overlooked as tremendous time savers by reducing the amount of bird food waste that gets sprinkled both inside and outside of the bird cage. We’ve seen other products with similar intentions come and go but this product has shown to be sticky. They are well-designed and built for durability. Installation is easy, screwing two hooks which link over a feeder door.

Imagine eliminating 99% of all the hull and husks your bird normally tosses out of its cage. Your bird literally goes inside and leaves all the mess in the clear box. You’ll also save money by tossing out fewer un-eaten seeds.

If you have a larger bird there’s an app for that Check out the super-sized Tidy Seed No-Mess feeder for parrots up to African Grey & Amazon Parrot size.

Video – Tidy Seed No_Mess Bird Seed Feeder
Tidy Seed No-Mess Bird seed Feeder
If you’re looking to take keeping your bird cage cleaning to the next level consider using Prevue T3 birdcage liners. Although newspaper and rolled paper will collect the debris from your birdcage, unless the paper is changed throughout the day a great deal of bacteria is being harbored.

Prevue T3 birdcage liner which is treated with silver ion, a natural occurring element – inhibits the growth mildew and odor causing bacteria growth on the surface of the paper. It comes in several sizes in and is easy to cut to size with scissors. The paper is conveniently marked per inch for easy sizing and training

If it’s not in the a budget for daily use or if you have a lot of bird cages, we highly advocate its use for newborn and younger birds as well as sick or recovering birds all of whom may have compromised immune systems.

Prevue T3 Bird Cage Liner Paper 9 In Wide x 25 Ft Long Read more: https://windycityparrot.net/bird-cage-liner-paper-roll.html#ixzz1wgj9Nwos

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