I have a senior (7+ years) budgie who is developing arthritis in her feet. She is not climbing and foraging like she used to, and try as I might, she will not sleep on the natural wood or rope perches. She’s terrified of the Booda perches because they’re too colorful, and she always goes to the one dowel perch that’s propping up her ladder to sleep, rather than the manzanita and grape wood perches that I’ve put higher in the cage.

If I used natural latex tubing over the dowel perch to cushion it for her feet, would that be safe? The color is a beige so it won’t scare her, and I though the softer material would be easier on her feet. Is latex safe for budgies? Will that rubber odor hurt her?

Hi Julie

I think you’re making an assumption about the color of the Booda perches,  it could be the shape or the size as well. We have never had a complaint about the color in 10 years.

You can test for that by using vet wrap to change the color of the entire perch quite easily found here:

I would advocate that you lower the perches  in the cage to reduce the budgie’s climbing and introduce some flat perches so that her feet do not have to wrap around a circular structure you can find all of our flat perches here:

Hope it helps please let us know if these ideas work



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