Aluminum Tiny Travel Cage for Small Birds by King’s Cages ATT1214 Black


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Black Aluminum Tiny Travel Cage for Small Birds by King’s Cages ATT1214 Black

Approx. Height: 17″
Width: 12 “
Depth: 14 “

Inside Height: 14 1/2″
4.5 mm thick bars
5/8 ” bar spacing

Revolutionary ALUMINUM Travel Cage! NO more chipping, NO more rust, Easy to disinfect!
Great for Vet visits! This cage can be used for Birds, Rodents, and Reptiles.
All of our cages are Non-Toxic and safe for your loving pets.


  • Slide-out tray for easy cleaning
  • Triangle stopper to keep the tray from falling out
  • Longer legs to raise the cage off the ground
  • Patented front door lock with hidden magnets to ensure the door does not rattle during transit
  • Large swing-out door. Completely KNOCKDOWN, easy assembly, no nuts, no bolts
  • Carrying handle
  • Lightweight 10 lbs
  • 2 wooden perches, 1 inside and 1 on the outside handle

Carrier DOES NOT have a grate

These cages will outlast any powder-coated cages on the market.

 A customer asked: Wondering if you will share how the outside top handle attaches to the cage? Thanks. 

Great question and we felt the answer would benefit any shopper evaluating this product as a travel cage for their bird. As you can see from the image below the top handles/perches lock on effortlessly with a keyhole opening on either end. 

Slide the triangular-shaped plastic locking mechanisms horizontally, Slip both ends over the exposed screw head and pull up. Turn the triangular-shaped plastic locking mechanism down or vertical to lock the unit into place.

Dishes not included. Please see our dish section for a multitude of add-on dishes. 

Jasper loves his travel cage.  I wanted to take him trick or treating to several friend’s houses, but he wouldn’t cooperate with the flight suit and leash so from now on we go in style.  Very rich looking, very sturdy, and I got my first color pick. Worth the price for the aluminum and the color adds something more than stainless would.   

Thank you for the new customer discount.   I own canaries and finches also and appreciate the secure small bar spacing for when they need vet visits.– Sue K. Buffalo, NY.   (Jasper, a cinnamon green-cheeked conure went this Halloween as a parrot who owns a pirate.) Jasper in cage here


ATT1214  18x15x5  10 lb 


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