Tube Bell Pipe Bell on Chain for Parrot Toys Large


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Large Tube Bell Pipe Bell on a chain with steel bolt clapper. The bird cannot get at the clapper to remove it. The bell is good and loud.
Tube bell Dimensions:
Bell: 3 1/2″ long x 1 3/4″ diam
Overall 9 3/4″ long. Clapper recess about 1 1/2″

Assorted colors – Bird-Safe Powdercoat

1 bell.
Does NOT include a link for attaching to the cage or toys, bird owners often have a load of them so why have to raise the price to include another link? 
We really like this spell because of its durability. It’s made from solid steel and the clapper is recessed high enough to make it very difficult for even the biggest beaks to pull out. You can see from the pictures, how well this bird toy bell is engineered
May the noise of the bell and the sound of a happy bird remind you that your place in heaven has been reserved.
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