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What Is The Best Powder Coat For Re-coating A Bird Cage?

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Jaqueline Replied


I read your blog of refurbishing cages

I have an old California Cage that I LOVE. it is rusting, I am looking to have it sandblasted and powder coated.

What type of powder coating should I have them use?

I Need A Powder Coated Bird Cage – But I’m Not Sure Why

They seem to have many different types, I do not know what is safe, or anything about this. Can you give me some recommendations?


Thank you


Hi Jaqueline,

​We appreciate your readership.

​You’ll want to specify an NSF Approved Powder coating.

Here is a shortlist of colors from one manufacturer.


​Ask them if they have ever sandblasted a birdcage before as the many bars can be a challenge (I ran a powder coating facility in a former life)

​Best of luck and happy holidays.


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